How we acquired our first 10 customers & achieved an 8X ROI in just three days using Adwords


Wilfred Vivek

Verified writer
24th May 2021

For any new online business, acquiring the first few customers fast is critical. Paid advertising can boost traffic and acquisition to achieve short term acquisition goals. This blog is a case study on Diet buddy, how we landed the first few customers in just three days with an 8X ROI using Adwords. 

With the pandemic restricting people’s movements, going “Online” was the only option to sustain businesses when footfalls became zero. As a result, every business in the country moved “Online” to reach/serve their customers. ‘Diet Buddy‘ was one such application that we launched to help people seeking medical help and could not reach clinics. 

We successfully launched the platform in a day using Panther, our very own consultation marketplace software. We also onboarded a team of doctors who were willing to help kick-start this service. With all in place, it was time to drive traffic to our digital clinic. 

The “Growth Stack” team came up with two objectives:

  1. First, to drive customer appointments for dieticians waiting to provide consultation. 
  2. To create awareness and establish “Diet Buddy” as the platform for “Online diet consultation.”

Our approach has always been to start small but faster customer acquisition. The goal is to acquire the first customers quickly, provide premium service and satisfaction. Satisfied customers drive orders through referrals. The first few customers are also critical to test the product for product-market fit. Next, we reiterate our positioning statement and then go big on establishing the brand. 

To drive quality traffic that converts quickly, I highly recommend using Adwords. Using Adwords, we can tap those users with the “Exact intent” in the advanced stages in their “Buying cycle”. 

Step 1: First, we came up with few ‘search terms’ we assumed the user would search for when choosing a dietician online. 

“Online diet Consultation”

“Consult a dietician online.”

“Best dietician online consultation”

Note: Success comes in when you try to keep the keywords as narrow as possible and identify buying intent keywords. “Black shoes” as a keyword is broad compared to the keyword “Buy Black shoes” as the latter indicates that the user is in the advanced stages in the buying cycle. 

Step 2: We copied this to the keyword planner, identified the volume for each term and predicted the traffic we could bring to the website. 

Google also suggests other keyword ideas which might be helpful, and you can add this to your keyword list. 

We finalize the keyword list by taking volume and the average CPC (Cost-per-click) as the two deciding factors. 

Step 3: Once we were ready with the keywords, we optimized the landing page from Panther’s dashboard without needing the developer’s help. The landing page should be an answer to the search query.

The landing page conveyed a clear value proposition and how to schedule a consultation. In addition, the keyword “Online diet consultation” was included along with other variants, which helped boost the quality score for the advertisements. 

Note: the higher the quality score, the lesser you need to spend for clicks. The quality score for your keywords should have a minimum of 7/10. 


The landing page should drive the user to take the next action. The CTAs should be clearly highlighted.

Day 1: All is set! We launched the campaigns and started getting clicks once the ads were approved. On the first day, 10% of the traffic signed up on the platform. 

Optimization: We checked the search terms on the keywords and added those in negative which were irrelevant. Also, the terms which converted were added to the landing page content. 

For e.g. the word “Free” was added to the negative list.  

Note: Generally, some folks believe that 14 day is a good time to check for campaign performance and optimization. But, if your budgets are tight, then start from Day 1. 

Day 2: After optimization, we got a conversion rate of 18%. We also optimized creating an exit-intent pop-up that prompted visitors to sign up for our newsletter. 

Day 3: 12 people signed up out of the 60 visitors who landed on the page. Out of the 12, 4 bookings were generated. 

Note: Initially, customers are unsure to make the payment from a new brand. Having a salesperson guiding the customer through the booking flow will improve orders.

Every small business should invest in marketing. “Starting an online business and not marketing it is like starting a business and not telling anyone about it.” Marketing the right way is not expensive. 

If the objective is realistic and a solid strategy in place, a positive ROI to marketing budget can be achieved within the first few months. The channel and budget for the marketing activities will depend on the objective. 

Are you finding it challenging to understand marketing, or do you not have the time to do it yourself? Then, reach out to us, and we can be the voice for your brand. 

Visit: Growth Stack, we could be your virtual marketing team.

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