Common Campaigning mistakes by Business Owners


Pragun Sharma

Verified writer
13th May 2021

Let’s look at some common mistakes that local or online business owners make when it comes to their Facebook advertising campaigns. You can spend profitably by avoiding these mistakes on Facebook and Instagram ads.

# Mistake 1 : Not giving your campaign enough time

Time is crucial to get your initial data, analyze it and then make the appropriate adjustments from there. Revisiting that customer buying cycle and the length of time it takes for someone to go from an initial lead to a sale is another metric that needs to be measured.

If your business has a very short buying cycle, that’s great. You’ll be able to track the data much faster and adjust your budget accordingly. If it might take 6 months for you to close a customer, you at least need to give your ad atleast 6 months before seeing the return on ad spend.

# Mistake 2: Not Spending Enough on your campaign 

The next big mistake while setting up campaigns is not spending enough. Your cost per lead is dictated by the size of your audience and the cost of your product. The ad spend budget should be adjusted accordingly. 

If you don’t spend enough money per month, it will result in Facebook distributing that budget in such a thin way that you may not even be able to generate a single lead per day. However, bump up the budget, you would see potentially amazing results.

# Mistake 3 : Selecting the Wrong Campaign Type

Another common ad mistake is businesses choosing the wrong types of campaigns and objectives.

There are three types of ads that you can use in your strategy (Awareness, Traffic and Conversion). Ultimately, the objectives correspond to those, but if you’re looking for leads, don’t focus on a brand awareness objective or reach necessarily. Facebook needs to know exactly what you want before they can help you achieve those goals.

# Mistake 4 : Reading the Data Incorrectly

The last big Facebook ad mistake is not reading the data in Ads Manager correctly. The columns you see in your reporting can be rearranged and organized. Select the Customize Columns option in Ads Manager to do this.

Now, you can add or remove pieces of data so your reports only show the critically important information you need to make decisions. This helps in identifying which campaigns are producing leads, scheduled calls, and scheduled appointments and which aren’t.

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